Sunday, August 29, 2010

OMF(ind of the Month)G - The Hope Store

For those of you who live near or sometimes visit the Alpharetta area, I've found a new store to go to for thrift-ing! At the corner of Old Alabama & Nesbit Ferry Rd, there is a small set of shops & restaurants. New to the mix is The Hope Store. 
Similar to Goodwill, you will have to spend some time digging through their selection to find your deal. All of the money made will go to charity. The BEST thing about The Hope Store is the location. It is one of the closest store that you can donate to near the Country Club of the South (which has been home to celebrities such as Whitney Houston and Usher) and other upscale neighborhoods. That's right; that means....Jackpot! The lady checking out in front of me had found a legit Coach bag in perfect condition for $3. So, next time you are OTP, stop by to see if you can find your steal. You can usually see signs on the side of the road leading you to the store. They say "Big Garage Sale This Way". 
Good luck & let me know what you are able to find!

9850 Nesbit Ferry Rd.

S (steph_gossip grrrl)

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