Thursday, August 26, 2010

OMFG Spotlight: DJ Troublemaker

If you've been following us... you've heard Troublemaker before. Infact, you've probably heard a lot more of Troublemaker than you know. Not because he uses multiple names for each new project he works on. Because he works like a machine! Plus you can download tons of his music for FREE from his site.

DJ Troublemaker aka Josh Kouzomis, is the L.A. native who's been rockin my speakers all year. I think the Mr. Hahn and Troublemaker remix of Lady Tigra's Bass On The Bottom may have been the first place I remember seeing his name. I recall seeing his remixes of several other artists, but it wasn't until recently that I realized just how much I liked Troublemaker. 

Turns out that Troublemaker is the man behind the beats on two of my favorite acts of this year... Rad Omen and King Fantastic. Of course if you do follow us then you should have seen me ranting about the pure awesomeness of Rad Omen already. King Fantastic was a more recent discovery which features Troublemaker on the beats and Killer Reese One on the vocals. I featured a lil King Fantastic for you here and here.

The man is even kool enough to drop us promos for his latest releases, personally! Here's the latest Troublemaker track in our inbox:

He's also released his own full length album The Maestro which you can listen to in full and purchase on that link. It's amazing. Just like his mixes, Troublemaker makes a living, breathing journey out of his album. The way any good DJ should. But thankfully for us, he has gone beyond that of a simple DJ. He's the Maestro. 


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