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100 Monkeys invade Atlanta - 4/26/10 The Earl

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Watch out Atlanta! Here comes 100 Monkeys!

Ben Graupner (Ben G.), Ben Johnson (Ben J.), Jackson Rathbone (J. Action), Jerad Anderson (J. Rad), and Uncle Larry (Uncle) are coming all the way from Los Angeles to show Atlanta what they’re made of. Come out Monday to The Earl in East Atlanta to show these guys how awesome Atlanta is.

They bring a play list that has a great combination of slow and fast alt rock songs with a gritty Doors-like sound. Need an updated comparison? Take a little flavor from Spoon, Arctic Monkeys, Neutral Milk Hotel, and The Strokes, mix it all together, and you’ve got the unique sound of 100 Monkeys. (And yes, I know Neutral Milk Hotel isn’t really THAT recent.)

They released their first studio album “Grape” in November 2009 with an amazing 12 tracks. Some of my favorites so far are “Clippity Clop,” “Orson Brawl,” and “Sleeping Giants” (see video below).  You can listen to a lot of their songs on their website

One of their older songs I like that isn’t on this album is “Ugly Girl.” (see hilarious video below)

Oh, does that one guy look familiar? Yeah, IF you recognized him without the curly blonde hair, it’s Jasper from the Twilight series. Even if you aren’t a Twilight fan, you have to come out Monday because I know you already love the music and personality of this awesome band!

Doors are at 8:30PM, tickets are $13 adv/$15 at the door, and it’s a 21+ show, so you don’t have to worry about squealing 15 year old “Twi-hards.” You can stand up there and say “J. Action, I appreciate you because of your awesome music, not because you sparkle.”

Also on the bill is Atlanta’s own Noel Stephen & the Darlings. You can check them out on Myspace at

Get all the juicy info on The Earl at

Hope to see you there!


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