Tuesday, April 27, 2010

B.R.U.C.E. - The Wallet

"Billionaire Playboys Tony and Yayo (the voice of Le Le's smashhit Breakfast), sick of their lavish lifestyles, decide to take it to the streets. Two gentleman burglars, creepin' up on the partypeople. Gangstahouse for you and yours. Hit the deck, and remember, they up early in the morning, put the dope in the blender, turn their swag on they'll be gone to November."

Below I've got the original plus one of two huge remixes that came with this release. TWR72 is more commonly known as The Walk & Roger72, a pair whose sound is rooted in French house but their production talents are expending and they are rising quickly on the blogs. Their debut release will follow this on the Instant Replay label.
 (source: low life inc

The Wallet - B.R.U.C.E.
The Wallet (TWR72 Remix) - B.R.U.C.E.


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