Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Cleavage? - Senior gets suspended for "sexy" prom dress

A senior from Oxford, AL was suspended after wearing a dress to prom that was deemed inappropriate.  You might think "oh poor girl! she'll never get to have prom again!" But the story goes on...all of the students were told about the dress code THREE times.  The high school senior, Erica DeRamus, apparently doesn't see how her dress violated the dress code.  The dress code states that dresses could not have cleavage that fell below the breastbone, and hems couldn't be more than 6 inches above the knee.

Just watch the video.  I see two very obvious reasons (**ahem cleavage/hemline**) why she was disciplined.

ALSO, she wasn't alone. Out of the 352 students at the prom, 18 violated the dress code. I guess they felt like they were above the rules.  Erica is the only one who chose suspension; the rest chose to be PADDLED! REALLY? When was paddling ok in schools again?

SOUND OFF! I want to know your thoughts on this!


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