Thursday, February 17, 2011

Subvader - Snow In Space Mix

"I wanted to make this mix feel like snowflakes in space. The songs are not representative of the 'tear-out' noisier dubstep, rather they fill your room (or headphones) with an ethereal energy that makes you feel weightless. Turn down the lights and make love to this one." - Subvader


01: Subvader - "Make Love on the Moon" [Rock It Science Laboratories Prototype] 
02: CRST - "Good Love" [No Hats No Hoods] 
03: Joy Orbison - "Wet Look" [Hot Flush Recordings] 
04: Kastle - "Better Off Alone" [Seclusiasis] 
05: Joker - "It Ain't Got a Name" [Self-released] 
06: Pure Phase - "The Silent" [Full Melt Recordings] 
07: Clicks & Whistles - "Raw Passion" [Self-released] 
08: Girl Unit - "Wut" [Night Slugs] 
09: Skream - "I Love the Way" [Tempa] 
10: Subvader - "Stop My Shine" [Rock It Science Laboratories] 
11: Buck UK - "Always" [Bird Knowledge] 
12: Starkey - "Paradise (feat. Anneka)" [Civil Music] 
13: Subvader - "Snow Drift" [Self-released] 
14: Velour - "She Wore Velour" [Night Slugs] 
15: SBTRKT - "The Unspoken" [Monkeytown Records] 
16: Samo Sound Boy - "Burning and Stealing" [Trouble & Bass] 
17: Subvader - "Get it Tight" [Rock It Science Laboratories Prototype]
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