Sunday, May 2, 2010

OMFG - Celeb Sightings in the ATL

This weekend in Atlanta, the famous were out! Your resident OMFG Gossip Grrrl is here to tell you about 3 sightings this weekend.
During the day on Saturday, one of your favorite local celebrity vampires, Ian Somerhalder, from The Vampire Diaries, was hanging around off Ponce de Leon checking out the dog adoptions. He tweeted to his fans to come see the dogs and said that if someone came to adopt one, he would meet them in Piedmont Park to play with the dog. Here is video he put up on his Twitter page to show people how adorable the pups were: 
You can follow Ian on Twitter at:
Then, Saturday night, Margaret Cho showed up @ The Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta Village. The Graveyard Tavern is def one of OMFG's favorite places to eat, drink, dance & party!! I have to say I am very excited to see that celebs are picking Graveyard as a cool place to stop by. We always welcome hilarious comedians to stop by our favorite spots. I heard she was even giving out hugs to some of OMFG's favorites: Maxine, Tara, Brian & more! 
Then, Sunday afternoon....another celeb sighting: Luke Wilson! Luke was just spotted coming out a LA Fitness off Sandy Plains Rd. He reportedly chilled on a bench out front reading a paper before he left the gym. He has been said to sometimes hang out at the local restaurant/bar, Paradise Grille. (He gets extra points from me for dating Drew Barrymore & being just an awesome actor. I love his movies!).

**So let us here @ OMFG know about any celebrity sightings and/or encounters that you might have! It's exciting to hear about. You can feel free to email us: with subject saying: "Attn: Gossip Grrrl".*** 

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