Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Loose Cannons - Deneke/Boy 8 Bit - Wolfen (Loose Cannons Remix)

Electro, sometimes tropical but seemingly always head bangin tunes. That's what The Loose Cannons are all about. These guys have their own radio show on KISS in the UK, they've rocked New Years Eve crowds in Vegas as well as the Australian Festival. Have a taste of what Loose Cannons are all about here with an original track they did featuring the Kakatsitsi Drummers for some of that tropical perscussion vibe. Then check out the nasty electro remix of Boy 8 Bit's "Wolfen".

Deneke - The Loose Cannons feat. The Kakatsitsi Drummers
Wolfen - Boy 8 Bit (The Loose Cannons Howl At The Moon Mix)
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