Monday, May 24, 2010

Arsenal - Estupendo (Gui Borrato Remix)

Thank you, thank you OMFGAtlanta inbox. You've done it again. Another artist I was unaware of until now, Arsenal, has graced our inbox and I am enamored. Hendrik Willernyns and John Roan have been following the path of great musicians (venturing off into less than desirable habitats, getting highly inebriated, then coming back to the studio to record) and it seems to be paying off. Their music has already been successful as the soundtrack to a TV show, de Poolreizigers. Some of it is more chill, some of it is more danceable, but so far everything I've heard has been great. Check out thier site, then come back for this incredible deep house/progressive remix of "Estupendo" from Gui Borrato.


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