Saturday, June 16, 2012

OM(ovies)FG - Savages

 Movie goers are in for a treat on July 6th when Oliver Stone's Savages makes its debut to the big screen. It's sure to be an action-packed Mexican drug lord thriller. Via IMDB the plot is simple but intriguing: "Pot growers Ben and Chon face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend." Check out the trailer:
The cast includes some heavy hitters like John Travolta, Salma Hayek, & Benicio Del Toro. Two of the lesser-known main characters are played by Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass) & Taylor Kitsch (of Friday Night Lights & Battleship).
 The person that I am also very excited to see is Blake Lively. Being a huge fan of hers, it's always nice to see her in rougher roles than her everyday appearance as Serena van der Woodsen on the CW's Gossip Girl (I'm thinking back to her rougher role in The Town.) Here is an Access Hollywood interview with Blake and Salma where they talk about how the 2 female characters that they play are actually the strongest characters in the film. This is one sexy way to show girl power:

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