Monday, February 13, 2012

SweetWater's 15th Anniversary Party

Saturday 2/18/12 from 2pm-6pm.
Join Sweetwater to celebrate 15 years of Heady Beers, and check out our new expansion.

We'll be bringing back a boatload of old friends and breaking the stash out of our cellar of the special beers we've been saving for just such a fancy occasion.

We'll also be pouring our 15th anniversary ale - a Barley Wine version of our original ESB recipe, brewed onsite last year with a return appearance and the help of our co-founder Kevin McNernery.

Lined of beers we are looking at for the festivities

15th anniversary ale
2 cask version of our 15th anniversary ale
1 - dry hopped with the "C's"
1 - dry hopped with Noble Hops
08 - Festive Ale
09 - Festive Ale
'10 - Festive Ale
'11 - Festive Ale
Dank Tank's
Fresh Sticky Nugs
Mean Joe Bean
BSP Quad
3 Barrel aged version of the Creeper - Brett, Blackberry, Raspberry
420 IPA

plus all our year round brews and the Happy Ending imperial stout
plus a couple of surprises from the stash

~published from Sweetwater's Facebook page~