Monday, May 2, 2011

Tornado Disaster Relief - Help & get a cute shirt

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Last Wednesday, a deadly tornado outbreak ravaged many parts of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. It was the second deadliest outbreak in US history. As residents in affected areas try to pick up the pieces, others are left wondering how they can help. The worst areas have the roads shut down, so you can't drive in to help, but you CAN help.

You can donate to the American Red Cross here. Maggie Crisler of Alabama is offering these great shirts and will donate 100% of the proceeds to the American Red Cross.  She lived in Tuscaloosa, AL for 4 years, and this is her way of helping out her community.  They only cost $15 ($5 shipping), or if you live in the area, she can arrange to get one to you.  Her goal is to raise $1,000 to donate, let's help her out! A great shirt for a great cause!  Visit her website or click on the picture above to purchase yours:

American Red Cross can help all of the storm victims! Thanks for your donation!


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