Monday, March 28, 2011

Yelle - Safari Disco Club

It is my pleasure to let you know about the new Yelle album out now entitled Safari Disco Club. I have listened to it twice through already and I LOVE IT! It is a much welcomed departure from their first full length Pop-Up. I tend to enjoy sophomore releases by artists, and this one is no different. The songs are lush, and the production is great! I haven't picked out a favorite track yet, but Que Veux-Tu is close. I don't want to give too much away about this album, but I highly recommend you get it TODAY! (check out the video for Que Veux-Tu featuring FANNY PAK from ABDC!!!!)

YELLE - Que veux-tu from Kenan Sulayman on Vimeo.

1. Safari Disco Club 3:34
2. Que Veux-Tu 3:53
3. C’est Pas Une Vie 3:34
4. Comme Un Enfant 4:13
5. Chimie Physique 3:54
6. La Musique 3:38
7. Mon Pays 4:32
8. J’ai Bu 3:06
9. Le Grand Saut 3:58
10. Unillusion 3:50
11. S’eteint Le Soleil 4:11

They are playing The Masquerade on April 25th. Don't miss out!


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