Monday, March 14, 2011

OMF(ail)G - LC's Show Cancelled/Paper Crown

Lauren Conrad was all set to make her TV comeback on Fiercely Fashionable until the show GOT CANCELLED! The show was not going to be similar to 'The Hills', it was supposed to be more like a documentary of her life as she juggled her book tours & fashion lines. Lauren's not the only one bummed about the show cancellation. Rumor has it, ex 'Hills' star, Whitney Port has also felt left out of tv land lately. Her show 'The City' got cancelled to make room for this LC show. Looks like both of the ladies and ex-bffs are out of tv luck as of now.
Good fashion news ahead for Lauren though! Her new fashion line "Paper Crown" is due out this fall. Here's a sneak peak thanks to
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