Sunday, January 30, 2011

OMFG - Jersey Shore SpinOffs!

Last week Snooki & JWoww filmed a pilot for their spin-off show. The pilot was shot on Long Island. "What's really interesting...MTV wants a pilot. Considering Jersey Shore beat Grey's Anatomy in the ratings -- plus the fact you kinda know who these chicks are -- a pilot would seem unnecessary."
"Pauly D's spin-off will be called Pauly's World, and it revolves around the DJ's life on the road with his crew. 'The boys that Pauly hangs with are ‘Big Mike’ his road manager, Jerry his bodyguard, and Ryan – a buddy he grew up with, who has a really good business sense.'"

"Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's sexist misogynist self thinks that he's the hottest thing on Jersey Shore when everyone knows that Snooki is. Mr. Spiked Hair comes in as a close second, followed by JWoww and Vinny. Mike is famous for his stage name, but he has no talent and grows more and more unlikable by the episode.
Mike is the new Speidi while Pauly D is Lauren Conrad."
Season 4 Update:
The cast is heading to ITALY to film the 4th season!
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