Thursday, August 30, 2012

Caro's Summer Jewelry Collections!

Summer is in full swing at Caro's workshop!  Step outside summertime's in bloom!  Please take a look at Caro's sizzling summer jewels. Caro's FB page!

Found at:

Meringue (Morningside)
Terra Cotta (Savannah, GA)
Range Clothing Boutique (Buckhead)
Dakota J’s (Virginia Highlands)

Contact Gayle at:


  1. Such a great collection for summer! - Geezy

  2. These green quartz earrings will keep you happy all summer...the hoop is vermeil and the ear wires are 14 kgf!

  3. I loved all above pieces of jewelries! I would love to have all bracelets to match my dress and hope to get great match. I recently got a necklace of turquoise beads and looking for more. But after getting above design, It's great feeling. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Her facebook page has so many collections on it! Check it out!