Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Saint Baldrick's - My friend shaves her head for cancer research

Sure we all remember when Britney went crazy & shaved her head...because she went crazy. WELL my good friend Lindsey is shaving her head on MARCH 16th for a much better reason.  Each year in cities all over the US, participants raise money and shave their heads for childhood cancer research.  The participants are 90% guys (easy for them, right?), and then there are the brave handful of females.

I've know Lindsey for about 7 years, and I know how much her hair means to her.  Lindsey loves her long hair, whether curly or straight, but after so many people, friends and family, were affected by cancer in some way, she decided to jump on the opportunity.  Her goal is $300, but I want to help her way surpass this goal.  The link below will take you directly to Lindsey's donation page:

Every amount helps, whether $5 or $100, every bit helps.  ALSO, author Marley Gibson has graciously offered a copy of her book Radiate to the top 3 donation givers. Radiate is about a young girl who finds out that she has cancer, it shows her fears, struggles and how she fights to overcome them.  

I've already donated. It's easy to do, and St. Baldricks is a BBB accredited charity, so you know your money is going to the right place.  Thanks for any donations you can get.  I appreciate it, and I know Lindsey does.


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