Monday, January 9, 2012

OMFG(lam) - Kardashian Nail Polish For The Win!

So, I know, I are tired of hearing about the Kardashians. They are everywhere these days. Not only do they have their reality shows, but they have their clothing line at Sears, silly bands, and now Kardashian Kolor nail polish! Well, even though you are probably saying that you are sick of them, I just don't really believe you. Guys, you probably don't care about this, but girls LISTEN UP! 
I bought two bottles of their new nail polish by Opi at Target. I wanted to test them out and see if this was actually a good product or just a bunch of KDash hype. Well, I was pleasantly surprised!! This nail polish is just rad. I wanted something dark so the first color I chose was Khloe's color called "Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam." I bought it just coz it was dark, I didn't realize that it was a dark green, but I LOVE it & have never worn any shade of green nail polish before. So it was kinda a cool choice. Since one of my favorite nail-painting-past-times has been dark colors with glitter on top, I also had to purchase Kylie's color called "Rainbow in the S-Kylie." This is absolutely the best glitter nail polish that I have ever used. It's fun because there are all different colors and sizes of glitter specks with the polish. You can just keep painting and painting the same nail until you get the glitter look that you like the best. This is an OMFG approved product! Go get some!
Check out the rest of the colors here: Kardashian Kolor
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  1. I like Kourtneys Ready for a Pedi Red one! - Geezy