Monday, November 28, 2011

OM(usic)FG - Shane Doss Upcoming Shows!

Finally after playing in rock outfits for most of his life, Doss finally got the chance to do what he set out to do from the start. Make a terrifying guitar record. Along the journey his love for piano playing has become a way to come up with interesting melodies. He played everything , mixed and mastered the record. This solo debut he set out not to make the perfect record, but one with tons of creativity soul and feeling, which is what attracted Doss to playing years ago. Fasten your seatbelts!

Experience the wild ride yourself. December 3rd at OZONE in Covington, GA & December 12th at Smith's Olde Bar in Midtown Atlanta. The Dec 3rd show is also a Toys for Tots event!

Biography Playing guitar as long he has been breathing. Plays drums, and piano as well. Won Mars guitar competition Shred fest 2 years in a row. Artist Endorsement with Orange Amps, Ernie ball, Spec deal with Rivera cabs. Endorsement with Steve Clayton guitar pics. Current lead guitarist in Symphony of Insanity his solo band. Album credits- HottBoxx- Rebirth 2006, Shane Doss- Infinite Galaxy 2011, No More Tears ( Ozzy Tribute ) on Versailles records.
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  1. Shane, one of the baddest guitarist this world has ever seen. Glad he broke out on his own. Scott Jackson