Thursday, July 21, 2011

OMF(ashion)G - Gwen's New Line: Harajuku Mini For Target

We all have loved Gwen Stefani since she sang with No doubt, serenading us with tales of spider webs, and pink ribbons. Not only did she captivate us with her vocal chords, but also her charisma and cutting-edge fashion sense. Therefore, it was no surprise in 2004 when she launched L.A.M.B, following it up in 2005 with Harajuku Lovers, because this gorgeous dame was born with a sense of style. Over the years the brands have expanded and dominated, but in reality who wants to throw down thirty dollars on a key chain?
Well now the Gwen has made her creations into mini, much more cost-friendly clothing; since she is to release a line at Target on November 13th for the little people in our lives. The line will focus on babies, children, and tweens, but we can sure hope her break into Target will not end there, and we will get full sized love from Gavin’s lady, mother of two, soon! As a mama myself I am elated, because it never hurts to have another excuse to blow my money at Target... Article
Posted by: Ashley Vesta

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