Saturday, June 4, 2011

OMFG - Oh No! Snooks!

Oh No, Snooks!~ Yes, she's done it again. Crazy behavior from Miss Snooki while filming Jersey Shore's new season in Italy. She "accidentally" crashed her car into the police escort that was in front of her on the streets of Italy. The two police officers in the car were slightly injured and now Snooki is sportin' a neck brace. Although this does not hurt her license in America, I doubt she will be driving too much more in Italy. (as long as the cameras got their shot). I'm betting we will all be able to see the whole crash when the new season airs August 4th. I'm glad that lil munchkin is ok though. I think the whole neck brace thing is an ACT:

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  1. ACT was very cool. I love it man. Especially @ OMFG - Oh No! Snooks! ... Fantastic. anyway, we want more post like this. :)