Monday, April 25, 2011

OMF(ood)G - Simply Delicious = Chow Baby

My eating has apparently been boring lately and I have not suggested any appealing places to go in a while. Today though I went to CHOW BABY on Ponce de Leon and it was both delicious and fun actually. Being able to pick your own veggies, seasonings and meat to accompany your rice or noodles lets you take part in making the meal. I have to say I thought I did a very good job on my dish! (ha ha!) They also have appetizers, soup etc. The price is reasonable and they had friendly service. If you go at lunch try to be there before 12:00 as it does get crowded. That in itself says it is good!

782 Ponce De Leon Ave Atlanta, GA 30306

L. Blizzard

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