Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Popular Damage + Zoot Woman + Digitalism

Got another freebie in the mail from Low Life Inc, cheers amigos! Popular Damage seems pretty kool to me. With a review like, "..a poppier version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs crossed with Daftpunk!" - SXSW, you've pretty much got me hooked for a listen. So far, I hear a lot of the same indie electro rockin sound I come to expect from most of these bands. However, this dance-punk /pop act from Berlin and Manchester composed of Nadine Raihani and Stephan Hengst is definitely getting a lot of requests. They've been remixed by Beatshaker & Blender, Double Dragon as well as Fukkk Off, .I highly reccomend you check out thier orignal tracks and remixes on the myspace, they're growing on me. Meanwhile, here's a couple of mpfrees for ya!

We Won't Break - Zoot Woman (Popular Damage Remix)

Taken Away - Digitalism (Popular Damage Assimilation)


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